Sarah-Jane Moss

Why I became a fitness trainer.

Throughout my 20’s I always struggled with yo-yo dieting restricting calories and comfort eating due to depression so my weight was constantly fluctuating between a size 8 and a size 14. I also discovered that I have osteoarthritis which caused me a lot of lower back pain which I managed with pain killers, and the advice back then was to stay in bed and move less along with that my knees where weak and caused me a lot of pain.

Twelve years ago through my GP I was sent to see a physio who prescribed me with 8 weeks of exercise and on a referral program and a gym instructor wrote me out a program that would help me to decrease my back pain and increase my leg strength. It was really hard at first to exercise and I did struggle to stay motivated, but as I noticed I was taking less medication and managing my back pain, this became my motivation.

I became a member of the gym and started training more often, doing my own research on exercise most beneficial for me. I started gong to fitness classes, body conditioning has always been my favourite as it’s the most challenging.

After a while I felt great and decided I wanted to help others to feel the same, I wanted to show people that you can exercise if you have pain as long as you are doing the correct exercise for you condition.

I studied Level 2 fitness instructing, Level 3 personal training and Level 4 obesity and diabetes, this has given me nutritional knowledge and has helped me to know how to mange my weight and given me the skills to help others manage theirs. I studied Level 2 exercise to music because I love training to the beat of uplifting music I find its so motivating for myself and others and level 3 GP referral so that I could safely teach exercise for medical conditions.

Since then I have studied varies other trainings and certifications of interest to increase my knowledge and to help as many people as I can.


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